10' Extended Antenna Cable w/ Splice

10' Extended Antenna Cable w/ Splice


  • 10' Extended Antenna Cable w/ Splice
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These individual LRS components are part of a range-increasing and interference-prevention system for LRS pager transmitters. Order these items as part of a custom system. This listing has shopping cart options for 10', 25'and 50' lengths. They are fitted with BNC connectors on both ends.You can call us at 805-375-7000 to ask questions or place your order, or you can order your system components using the Add to Cart button above.Most LRS transmitters have removable 3" antennas. If range or interference is an issue, one solution is to separate the 3" antenna from the transmitter with an antenna cable and place the antenna somewhere else, up to 50' away. The cables connect to transmitters on one end and 3" or larger antennas on the other.The higher an antenna is placed, the greater the range.The further an antenna is distanced from heavy construction materials such as concrete and steel, the greater the range.Kitchens with unusually large amounts of stainless steel walls can cut range or create interference. Installing antennas outside of such kitchens solves these problems.

As is true for all radio equipment, keep the following in mind to optimize performance. Note that the following applies to the location of the antenna rather than the electronics box itself. The antenna can be separated from the box with antenna cables so the box can be in a convenient location while the antenna can be elsewhere where it works best.

  • Radio signals love height; higher is always better. The roof is ideal but upper floors near windows are good or near the ceiling is OK if that's all you have to work with.
  • Radio signals do OK with windows, light construction and empty space. In a standard low-rise building of wooden or cinderblock construction with lots of windows and open spaces, radio does fine.
  • Radio signals do not like metal. Keep antennas as far away from metal as possible, especially sheet metal. Do not locate antennas in places surrounded by metal or on top of metal surfaces such as steel desks or cabinets. If your building has sheet metal walls, locate antennas so they can "see" out windows or better yet, mount antennas outside of the building.
  • Radio signals do not like heavy concrete-and-steel construction such as used in large hospitals. Signals that can go a mile in open air may only go a hundred feet in very solid buildings, so we "pepper" hospitals with networks of repeaters to achieve even coverage. (Why don't we use more powerful transmitters? Because more power creates interference that medical devices may not tolerate. LRS transmitters are widely used in hospitals because their power levels are safe for use with hospital equipment.)

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