Casio TE-3000 LCD Electronic Cash Register

Casio TE-3000 LCD Electronic Cash Register


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  • Operator Display

    5.2 inch wide color LCD screen with 2 lines X 16 characters and a 1 line numeric display offer the operator a clear view of transaction information.

    Use 5 selectable colors for the LCD backlight to illuminate the operator display to fit the customer’s environment. A scheduler function makes it possible to switch the backlight color, price levels and automate your report printing at different times of the day or week.

    Tilt mechanism for optimum viewing

    Receipt/Journal Printer

    A 2-station fast (14 lines per sec.), silent and wide (58mm) printer offers the option of using the built-in auto cutter or tear bar to generate customer receipt. The TE-3000 printer also offers: 

    • Drop-in paper loading for easy handling of paper replacement
    • Graphic and Watermark logo printing for professional presentation of customer receipts



    The TE-3000’s 3 serial ports allow various peripheral connections which include: 

    • Scanner
    • External dot matrix and/or thermal printer
    • Slip printer
    • Remote customer display
    • Scale
    • PC/modem


    Credit/Debit/EBT interface

    An optional Arcnet board (IO PB-17) provide register-to-register communications for sales consolidation and program uploading/downloading. Up to 32 terminals can be connected via CAT5 or the Casio inline network.

    Storage Device

    The TE-3000’s innovated use of CF card (Compact Flash Card) technology gives the ability to save and restore program information.



    • Scan up to 25,000 items
    • Food Stamps
    • Bottle link
    • Mix & Match discounting
    • 3 price levels
    • Clerk commission rates
    • Not Found Item file
    • PLU stock control
    • Daily/Weekly/Monthly reporting
    • 30 departments (expandable to 99)
    • Up to 4 cash drawers
    • Time & Attendance
    • 512K RAM – standard (expandable to 1.5MB)
    • Suspend/resume
    • 99 Clerks
    • Clerk Detail Tracking (Up to 200 totalizers)
    • Sub-department/Group Linking




    • RK-3 memory board for 1MB
    • Multi-Drawers kit (MDL-11) 3 Additional Drawers
    • I/O-PB-17 (IRC board)
    • Dallas Clerk Key Kit

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