Cassida 2230 Infrared Counterfeit Detector

Cassida 2230 Infrared Counterfeit Detector


  • Cassida 2230 Infrared Counterfeit Detector
  • Cassida 2230 Infrared Counterfeit Detector
  • Cassida 2230 Infrared Counterfeit Detector
  • Cassida 2230 Infrared Counterfeit Detector
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The Cassida 2230 uses powerful IR technology to authenticate infrared security features present on currency. Infrared marking cannot be seen with the naked eye, making it the most advanced currency security feature - it has yet to be counterfeited. The 2230 uses a special frequency camera to detect infrared markings and make them visible.

Infrared verification - visible only with this detector

Canadian and U.S. bills have identifiable IR markings, making your job of detecting counterfeit bills easier with the Cassida 2230. American bills have a variety of unique stripes that are invisible except when viewed under the lens of the Cassida 2230. On Canadian currency, one of each bills? two serial numbers disappears under the 2230 IR detector.

Convenient and durable operation

Steel construction in a compact design make the Cassida 2230 the perfect fit for any busy cash handling station. It?s rugged enough to stand up to constant use and small enough to not get in the way, while still giving you peace of mind that you can authenticate the currency running through your operations.

Immediate verification

You?ll know instantly whether the banknote you?ve been given is authentic or suspect. Simply look for identifiable and difficult-to-replicate infrared markings and you?ll know the currency is legitimate.


  • Special frequency camera shows an infrared image of currency
  • Adjustable LCD screen displays verification

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