Cassida Cube Mixed Denomination Bill Counter

Cassida Cube Mixed Denomination Bill Counter


  • Cassida Cube Mixed Denomination Bill Counter
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The Cassida cube mixed denomination bill counter a revolutionary new bill counter that automatically recognizes the value of the bills counted. No need to pre-sort and count single denominations at a time. Traditional bill counters do not recognize the value of the bills counted, only the number of bills counted, the Cassida cube does it all. The cube, not only recognizes the value of bills as it counts and presents the "grand total", but the report button gives an onscreen breakdown of both the number of, and value of each denomination.......automatically! the cube also has a sort function, which will run an entire stack of bills for continuity. The cube, when in sort mode, will check the entire stack against the denomination of the first bill read in a count. To verify a stack of 100 $5's, insert the stack in sort mode, the cube will read the first $5, and stop (presenting the message "diff", if any denomination outside of $5 is read), the non-$5 bill is not counted, and you press reset to continue. The cube utilized state-of-the-art infrared (ir) sensors for denomination recognition and counterfeit Detection unavailable on other bill counters, and features counterfeit Detection on par with single-purpose counterfeit detectors such as in St a check , 3300, and quattro, a feature that traditional bill counters do not offer. The cube is compact, durable, and mobile, featuring AC power, and an 2000mAh lithium ion battery for hours of mobile counting, sorting, and reporting.

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