Dry Contact Doorbell Kit

Dry Contact Doorbell Kit


  • Dry Contact Doorbell Kit
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This individual LRS component is the "doorbell kit" for pager systems with either Butler II or T7470 transmitters. Order this item as part of a custom system. This is most often used when a Butler II pager system needs to act as a remote doorbell. When the button is pressed, it signals a pager.This can be used in any situation where a signal button is needed that is separate from the transmitter such as for a doorbell or customer service counter.Transmitters are user-programmed so that any number and variety of pagers can be signaled with the touch of a button.The Butler II and T7470 transmitters can signal any of the standard LRS pagers or send text messages to LRS alphanumeric pagers.Butler II transmitters has one port that can wired in parallel for use by a number of buttons. T7470 transmitters have two ports.

  • Can be installed outdoors
  • Alleviates having to listen for a doorbell
  • Ideal for noisy environments
  • Gives freedom to be out of earshot from a traditional doorbell

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