Monroe 2020PlusIII Ivory Calculator

Monroe 2020PlusIII Ivory Calculator


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When you use a calculator every day, it has to be dependable-and built to last. With Monroe's 122PDII calculator, you can count on these advantages. You get proven durability with long-lasting components...and engineering that lets you work more efficiently and productively. And you get performance backed by Monroe's 100+ year tradition of quality products. The dependable 122PDII also gives you the option to print or just display your calculation results. It is an advanced, dependable tool that offers:. A large, professional-sized keyboard for easy operation. A larger, easier to read display than the original 122PD!. A 4.3 lines per second printer. A four-key independent memory to record and retrieve calculation results. The ability to automatically calculate percent change and mark-up. An input buffer that lets you make entries even while printing previous lines of figures. A two-key "rollover" feature that lets you work quickly while ensuring that every keystroke is recorded. Color Ivory. Capacity 12 digit print/display. Print Speed 4.3 lines per second. Display Type/Color Fluorescent, Green. Inking System Black/Red Ribbon Cartridge or Spools. Keyboard 10 key numeric pad, 00 and decimal point. Decimal Settings +, F, 0, 2, 3, 4. Non-Add/Date Function Yes, print entered reference number or date. Memory(s) (1) 4-Key Independent. Rounding Truncate, 5/4 Roundoff, Round Up. Constants Yes, automatic. Percent Yes, with %+ and %- capability. Item Count Yes. Back Space Yes. Percent Change Yes, computes amount and % of change. Mark up Yes, computes Cost, Sell and Margin. Change Sign Yes, changes the sign of an entered amount. Dimensions:. Length:11. Height: 2.77. Width:8

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