Monroe 8130 White Heavy Duty Desktop Printing Calculator

Monroe 8130 White Heavy Duty Desktop Printing Calculator


  • Monroe 8130 White Heavy Duty Desktop Printing Calculator
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: 8130-White
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Monroe 8130 White Heavy Duty Desktop Printing Calculator

A new standard for heavy-duty desktop calculators. Like all Monroe calculators, the 8130 calculator comes with a built-in feature no other machine can offer: years of experience dating back to 1912. Experience gained by decades of listening to customers, analyzing calculation needs, and then designing and building machines that answered those needs.

Uncompromising Performance
Fingertip availability of a wide array of productivity oriented features make the Monroe 8130 the intelligent choice for today?s needs and future demands.

Legendary Durability
Monroe?s 8130 calculator continues the time-honored tradition of exceptional reliability and longevity made possible by solid construction and quality parts.

Purposeful Innovation
Our unique internal paper roll prolongs printer life and reduces costly repairs and downtime caused by printer failures while maintaining a sleek aesthetically pleasing profile.

A 5.0 lines per second print speed assures results are available quickly.


Calculating Capacity 12 digits
Print Speed 5.0 lines per second
Print Height .12"/3 mm
Print On/Off Switch Simultaneous print & display, or display only
Paper Advance Speed 13 lines per second
Independent Memory 1
Decimal Selector +, F, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 with decimal override
Output Fixed or floating
Input Floating
Keyboard 15 level buffered
Rollover 2 keys
Dimensions (inches) 9.5" (W) x 15.3" (D) x 3.7" (H)
Dimensions (millimeters) 241 mm (W) x 388 mm (D) x 94 mm (H)
Weight 4 lbs. 14 oz./2.19 kg
Power Requirements 115V AC, 50/60 Hz (Standard)
220V AC, 50 Hz (Optional)
Operational Environment 41° F (5° C) at 10% relative humidity
104° F (40° C) at 95% relative humidity
Storage Environment -40° F (-40° C) to 158° F (70° C)

Special Features:

  • Price/Price Mode
  • Paper Saver Mode
  • Price/Units Mode
  • Set Round Option to Truncate
  • Units/Units Mode
  • Set Round Option to Round Up
  • Summations (x & totals)
  • Set Identifier for Each Entry
  • Running Subtotal on Printer
  • Variable Add Mode
  • Two-Column Addition
  • Nickel Rounding
  • Underflow
  • Extended Capacity
  • Reverse Underflow
  • Calculator Mode Correction

Additional Features:

  • Larger Easy-to-Read Display. Used in conjunction with, or independent of printed output.
  • Automatic Punctuation and Grouping. For hundreds, thousands, etc.
  • Non-Add/Date Key. Four function ability: 1) date format with space between month, day and year, 2) non-add entry, 3) store and recall the date or an amount, or 4) override display to print amount.
  • Automatic Clearance. When turned on, an indication prints showing all registers are cleared.
  • Error Indication. Prints when a mathematically impossible operation is attempted, such as dividing by zero; automatically clears only the affected register.
  • Red Print. All credit entries and negative results.
  • Storage. Accumulator, GT Register, 1 Memory Register, 3 N-Count Registers, Calculator Register and #/Date Register.
  • Independent Group & Grand Totals. Addition/subtraction totals and multiplication/division results.
  • Square Root Function.
  • Percent Key. Add-on and discount capability.
  • Indicator Lamps. Accumulator, GT and Memory Registers.
  • Clear Accumulator Indicator. Unique symbol *+ for addition *- for subtraction that prints with the first entry into the Accumulator.
  • Electronic Keyboard Interlocks. Prevents double entry when two or more keys are depressed simultaneously.
  • Overflow Indication. Prints when any numeric entry or result exceeds the capacity of any register. Automatically clears only the affected register.
  • Internal Paper Roll. Protects paper tape from tearing, dust, feathering, obstruction, etc.
  • Markup
  • Percent Change
  • TAX
  • N-Count with N-Count Correction
  • 5/4 Rounding
  • Automatic Constants
  • Repeat Addition and Subtraction
  • Sequential Calculation Indicators
  • Backout Key. Deletes live digits in the display one digit at a time.
  • Units/Price Mode. Decimal at Add Mode (+), allows operator to enter units and prices without worrying about depression of decimal key for dollars and cents.
  • Paper Saver Mode. Turn off all additional blank spacing except for a single additional space after a depression of the Total Key.

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