TBM-M1 Air Currency Vacuum Counter

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  • TBM-M1 Air Currency Vacuum Counter
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New Feature:

  • Counting Speed is faster: 300 notes per minute or 100 notes in 2 seconds
  • Dust-Guide Lid: When the machine starts to work, it closes automatically to prevent the dust from spreading
  • Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamp: Purify the air around the machine
  • Note Plate: For you to put banknote in a better order before counting


  • Smaller footprint that other models so can be used in areas with limited space
  • Portable: the console model has wheels for easy mobility
  • Reset Mode: just press a button to reset
  • LED Displays: one display is for the user and the other rotates 270° for the customer display
  • Air Filter System: automatic cleaning of dust
  • Safety Module Clamp: protects the operator from injury

Counting Modes:

  • Check Mode: verifies a known quantity in a bundle
  • Count Mode: provides rapid and continuous counting of bundles with varying quantities
  • Add Mode: several quantities can be totaled and displayed
  • Batch Mode: provides quick batching of any number of notes
  • Alarm Checking Mode: if the count does not match the checking quantity, the feed-plate locks and an alarm sounds to alert the operator of the discrepancy

8 Self-diagnostic Tests:

  • Vacuum pressure test
  • Holder test
  • Rotor test
  • Batch stop lever test
  • Display test
  • Simulated counting test for 100 notes
  • Test of rotor standard parameter
  • Test of vacuum pressure parameter


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